This Wall Flower Has Wings

I am an ambivert by nature. I talk myself out of plans a million times before I actually make the final decision to get dressed and venture out of the house. In the absence of familiar faces I take root in a cozy corner, sitting like the pretty little wall flower that I often tend to be. But other times these little wings bud out of my sides and I find myself floating about effortlessly; like the tiny social butterfly my 3rd grade teacher once accused me of being. Yesterday was one of those days.

Being from a small state and even smaller town makes it difficult at times to form new genuine connections with like minded women. And being an ambivert (mostly introverted) doesn’t make things any easier. God must’ve known my need and desire to become acquainted with strong, brilliant, creative women because I stumbled upon T.O.A.S.T. just in time to attend their Secret Garden Party.

Attending the exclusive event reminded me that I am not alone. I was reminded that there are plenty of women just like me; seeking guidance and desiring to form genuine connections just like me. Women willing to move outside of their comfort zones and expand their knowledge. Entrepreneurs in various stages of development, working professionals, and students; all of us sharing, learning, and loving on one another.

And to think that I almost missed it. I almost missed the wonderful opportunity to become acquainted with these dope women. I almost allowed my zone of comfort to become a zone of confinement. Yesterday was exactly what I needed: a healthy serving of excellence, seasoned with support and encouragement, and a side of foot tapping, finger snapping, and hand clapping. Thank you T.O.A.S.T. for providing the perfect environment for women like me to be to grow and bloom.

4 thoughts on “This Wall Flower Has Wings

    1. I say try attending a small social event solo. I use eventbrite and Facebook events page to find local events. It can feel a bit uncomfortable at first, sometimes even a bit awkward. But I have found that some amazing people and opportunities exist right outside of my comfort zone.


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