Happy Place, Boston – All Smiles Here


For nearly a month I have been plagued with writer’s block and very low creative energy. Then suddenly the clouds parted and a giant inflated, bright, sunny, smiley face reignited my fire and got my creative juices flowing once again. I followed that golden ball of sunshine to the heart of Boston, MA and discovered a pop-up installation so felicitously named Happy Place. I was honored with the opportunity to explore this space during a Family and Friends preview night on April 4th and I was overcome with excitement from beginning to end.



Leave your cool at the door and prepare for an hour of silly, carefree, youthful fun! With over 10 brightly colored, larger than life, interactive displays, it is almost impossible to leave without at least 3 or 4 awesome selfies. Take a walk into some impossible to fill shoes, shoot a quick flashy music video for instagram, or take a dive in the happy ball pit. Don’t forget to bring some extra cash for some tasty treats provided by local businesses.





Bring a friend or two… or three (the more the merrier) and hop/skip/run on over to 500 Boylston Street! If you can’t find anyone to go with you, come anyway!

20190405_005536The staff is amazing and a number of them are freelance/professional photographers (shout to @seek_productions, @thepreppyhispanic, and @kendowray) and they are more than happy to help you get them angles! The installation will be open to the public from April 5th – June 2nd. Reserve your tickets now!

**Be sure to arrive 15min prior to your scheduled time. Leave the selfie-sticks and tripods at home because they are not permitted. Click here for more information regarding rules and good to know information prior to arriving.

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