Love Yours

20180916_175639.jpgThis is the Debby you’re more than likely to see at your local Walmart rocking a graphic tee, singing “eeny, meeny, miney, mo” as her finger dances back and forth between Hershey’s with almonds and original Hershey’s candy bars. She hasn’t threaded her brows in days, her pores are screaming, and her mustache… it exists. But she’s happy! She’s confident and graceful.

I have scars that tell the tales of my mischievous youth and battles with acne, and for quite a while I felt the need to cover them all up.  But I recently realized that the insecurities I had were very little to do with me hating my skin, but more so an unspoken pressure I felt to appear as close to flawless as makeup would allow.   It has taken me years to become okay with the fact that my skin is imperfect and not so flawless, and the older I get the more love and care I give to it.


I could blame social media and society as a whole, but the truth is anything that makes us feel vulnerable to possibly receiving negative feedback would only naturally produce a sense of insecurity in a lot of cases.  I’d be lying if I claimed to be this 100% self-actualized human, but I am learning and growing. The more I grow, the more I am beginning to liberate myself from the binds of perceived societal expectations… And boy is it freeing!

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